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The Universal Discount Coupon
Allows you to save money on products and services
At no extra expense, helps to build a Better World

Promotion of Growth Dollars®

We plan to have a site, named, that will list any special offer given by any vendor, either large or small, that offers to redeem Growth Dollars for a minimum of 30 percent discount on their established prices and lasts for a minimum of one week. Other than these two requirements, the vendors have full discretion over the terms of the special deal and can use their ingenuity and circumstances to make the offer as appealing as possible.

We also intend to put up a Web site called This site will allow each one accepting Growth Dollars to show the unique ways they are utilizing them. This will serve not only as an advertisement for honorees of Growth Dollars, but also will be a source of ideas for those who are looking for the most effective ways to use Growth Dollars.

Another Web site called will allow all who accept Growth Dollars to list their names and locations alphabetically. These three sites will give the holders of Growth Dollars a chance to find establishments accepting them and provide an incentive to visit and spend the Growth Dollars. Many Growth Dollars holders may find satisfaction sharing with their friends new places to go and receive discounts. The sites also provide additional aid to help those recommending Growth Dollars to others. And, of course, these sites will only help advertise and give publicity to those accepting Growth Dollars. We only charge a minimum fee to list on these sites, and considering the exposure it offers, will be very good value.

But everyone benefits because promotion of Growth Dollars in any way helps support efforts to create World Peace and a Better World. Non-profit World Peace Society®, a leading beneficiary of Growth Dollars promotion and proceeds, works to offer specific cures for some of the globe's worst problems and suggests plans that can be put in place now. Read the Web site Some of the contributions received will be passed on to other organizations who share in World Peace Society's mission.

To aid establishments accepting Growth Dollars, we have several display signs one can acquire to promote Growth Dollars. We also offer sample display copies which are more durable versions of the Growth Dollars Plan and Application brochure for on-premise viewing by prospects and customers. Most anybody can use Growth Dollars to advance their own interests and activities. They can accept them, sell them, or give them away, and while not only building their own sales, they are building good will.

Growth Dollars is being launched as a grass roots effort to allow all who are interested in a more peaceful and better world to promote the cause, and eventually more and more people and businesses will become involved. At this time very few know about Growth Dollars, but that allows much greater opportunity for those that do and wish to present them to others.

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