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Purchasing Growth Dollars®

To purchase Growth Dollars, send an e-mail message to Please indicate the quantity of Growth Dollars that you wish to purchase and your preferred method of payment — check, money order, Authorize.Net, or PayPal.Com.

10      Growth Dollars       —    $  7.00
50      Growth Dollars       —    $  30.00
100      Growth Dollars       —    $  50.00
1,000      Growth Dollars       —    $  400.00

1 Growth Dollars Plan and Application Kit   —   $ 5.00


For those establishments wishing to accept Growth Dollars, it is extremely easy to do so. All they have to do is display a few signs on their premises. We offer 4 different signs that will allow them to do this:

Package of 5 signs 4" × 6"        —    $ 6.00
Package of 5 signs 3-1/2" × 9"        —    $ 8.00
Package of 5 signs 5" × 7"        —    $ 10.00
Package of 5 signs 8-1/2" × 11"        —    $ 25.00

Note: All prices shown include shipping and handling charges.

These signs may be displayed in many different ways. One of the simplest may be plastic display holders. These are available in many forms and from various sources. But if you wish, we offer one for each sign that we think will do. Pictures of the signs are shown below. To learn about our display holders, click here and send us the filled-in e-mail shown.

    4 × 6 3-1/2 × 9       5 × 7         8-1/2 × 11
4-inch by 6-inch Growth Dollars sign. 3.5-inch by 9-inch Growth Dollars sign. 5-inch by 7-inch Growth Dollars sign. 8.5-inch by 11-inch Growth Dollars sign.
Click for full-size image


Those accepting Growth Dollars may also wish to be listed on our 3 Web sites.  $100.00 per year  $100.00 per year  $100.00 per year
Growth Dollars Brochures  in quantity
Growth Dollars Plans and Application   in quantity
Growth Dollars Applications  in quantity

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