Growth Dollars

Sample Growth Dollar.

The Universal Discount Coupon
Allows you to save money on products and services
At no extra expense, helps to build a Better World

Cost of Growth Dollars®

Growth Dollars will cost you
for a purchase of:
10  Growth Dollars at a time — 70 cents each — $  7.00
50  Growth Dollars at a time — 60 cents each — $  30.00
100  Growth Dollars at a time — 50 cents each — $  50.00
1,000  Growth Dollars at a time — 40 cents each — $  400.00

Everyone benefits from promoting Growth Dollars. Those accepting them gain more sales from old customers and new sales from new customers. They also gain substantial good will because they are viewed as supporting what are among two of the world's most important causes — World Peace and Children's Education.

Many of those accepting Growth Dollars may also wish to sell them or even give them away to gain greater sales and additional goodwill. Those holding Growth Dollars can save money on the purchases they make as well as support World Peace and Childhood Education.

Those recommending Growth Dollars to others are both earning extra income for themselves and helping to make the world a better place. There aren't many endeavors offering so many rewards to so many different entities.

Growth Dollars can do all these things, so obtain a few and try them out. If you become a member of the Growth Dollars Plan, you can even purchase Growth Dollars for less than shown above. To learn more, order a Growth Dollars Plan and Application Kit. It will allow you to join the Plan in several ways. You can either be a one-time low cost payment member, or a 2-month free trial member. You can join as an individual, professional, or organization. With this brochure and application, you will also receive a free 5 Growth Dollars bill to use as you wish. Get a $5 discount for yourself on something you may buy anyway, give it as a gift, or sell it to someone else. At least you will see how it works, and in a small way advance world peace and a better world.

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